Rolling up Sleeves
A Hundred Hands wears many hats
Our activities seek to:
Provide a venue where artists can showcase and sell their work, both on- and offline
Identify new selling opportunities directly and indirectly
Help preserve and evolve traditional arts as a vital component of our cultural heritage and diversity
Help artists enhance their overall product offerings and experience through product design, communication, raw material sourcing, packaging, literature, demonstrations and market links
Facilitate a community platform of people and artists interested in handmade and recycled products to build cross-linkages of products, skills and ideas at the local, regional and national levels
Raise awareness, appreciation and sensitivity among the general public for handmade/ homemade art, crafts and food by offering a variety of such products at a given time
Support projects directly linked to the quality of life and working facilities of artists in backward communities
Encourage recycling and package development
Our initiatives include:
Community Bazaars
Programmes: Membership, volunteer, support
Corporate tie-ups/ employee initiatives pertaining to CSR objectives
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