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Join hands with us to bring back the magic of hand crafting and encourage the arts by enabling economic viability for craftspeople. A Hundred Hands could be a thousand or a million – think every drop that makes a sea change
Ours creators are directly involved in the creation of art, crafts or food. You could be an organisation that enables craftspeople to make a living, an artistically skilled individual looking for support to make it on your own, an individual or group looking to break into the Bangalore market, a hobbyist who would like to share your passion with a larger audience, a school that wants to encourage its students to work with their hands, someone who enjoys gardening and would like to share your ideas, etc.
Our supporters or volunteers comprise individuals from many different fields who want to join hands in our effort. You could be a photographer, filmmaker, web content writer, graphic or product designer/ interior designer, communication specialist or possess another skill that you are interested in bartering. You might have corporate contacts you would like to share. You could be a school or college student interested in interning or simply want to volunteer, help spread the word, help our creators navigate the tides of consumer perspectives and design ideas, or be involved in our initiatives in other ways.
Among the many opportunities we offer are our Sponsor an Artist and Support our Community Bazaar schemes
Love the look and whimsy of all things handmade? Come and enjoy the wide range of handmade art, crafts and foods at our community bazaars. Learn a new art, craft or how to prepare a special food at the workshops we conduct on a regular basis. Bring your friends and family, spread the word, join hands
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